How to use Kangen Water®

Wondering how to use Kangen Water® or what the uses for Kangen Water® are?

Like all water ionizers, Kangen/Enagic water machines produce three types of water with various pH levels: Alkaline, Purified, and Acidic. Essentially the alkaline water with a pH of 8.0-9.5 is for drinking, the purified water has a neutral pH of 7.0 and is for small children and taking with medication, and acidic water with pH of 5.5 or lower is good for external uses like disinfecting and skin care.

How to drink Kangen Water® or alkaline water from a water ionizer

When you first begin to drink Kangen Water® or alkaline water from any brand of water ionizer, you will want to start drinking at one of the lower alkaline levels and work your way up to a 9.5 over a period of several weeks to give your body time to adjust. Due to the detoxification properties of alkaline ionized water, you may experience mild flu symptoms for the first few days or weeks after you begin drinking, as the water flushes out toxins from your cells. Generally, those who are most likely to experience the most severe detoxification symptoms are the elderly who have had a lifetime to build up toxins in their body, along with those who consume a highly acidic diet. Symptoms should subside within days or weeks and the most common symptom you are likely to experience is frequent urination. It is recommended that you drink a minimum of half your body weight in ounces of Kangen Water® or alkaline water from any brand of water ionizer daily in order to replace fluids lost naturally through breathing, urination and defecation.

Uses of Strong Kangen Water® with a pH of 11

You can use Strong Kangen Water® with a pH of 11 for stain removal from clothes and dish cleaning, which allows you to use less detergent.

Cooking with Kangen Water® or alkaline water from a water ionizer

Other uses besides drinking for Kangen Water® or alkaline water with a pH of 8.0-9.5 include cooking, brewing coffee and tea, and soaking produce. Your rice will be fluffier, your beverages richer, and your produce more flavorful when prepared with alkaline ionized water. Adding alkaline ionized water to any beverage or soup will help offset its acidity. In Japan, alkaline ionized water is known as a "hangover cure" and you can even make ice cubes with it.

Cleaning, disinfecting, and other uses of low pH Kangen Water® or acidic water from a water ionizer

Because our skin has a natural pH of about 5.5, Kangen Water® with 5.5 pH or acidic water from a water ionizer works great as an all-natural toner, rinse for hair, aftershave, minor skin conditions and irritations like bug bites, and as a general cleaner. Acidic water with a pH of 2.7-3.5 works great as a hand sanitizer, mouthwash, gargle for sore throats and skin conditions like ulcers, eczema, rashes, and dandruff.

Cost savings of a Kangen Water® machine or other water ionizer

You could potentially save thousands per year by eliminating the need for bottled water, mouthwash, toner, half of all cleaning supplies, skin creams, etc. by investing in a water ionizer. The cost of a Kangen Enagic SD-501 Leveluk machine is almost $4,000, with replacement filters running about $220./year. However, we've noticed that many of their competitors only charge about half of that, which would drastically increase your savings and add to the value of your investment, allowing you to pay it off even quicker!

Three Products Most Kangen Water® representatives forget to tell you about

A water ionizer is a very important and expensive but worthwhile investment for your health and your family. Like any appliance, regular maintenance is a form of insurance that can help prolong the life of your device. Convenience can also play a factor in how well you and your family adjust to the new appliance, and it's important to make sure that all of your needs are being addressed by the machine and if not, that you are aware of your options. That said, here are the top three products most Kangen Water® representatives forget to tell you about:

Buy Now Pre-filtration System
All water ionizers come with a standard carbon filter inside which addresses taste, odor and chlorine issues, much like a standard Brita or Pur filter. Unfortunately there is a host of chemicals and contaminants in our drinking water supply today that is not at all addressed by a standard carbon filter. Unless you already have a reverse osmosis system with re-mineralization cartridge installed, a water ionizer is not going to effectively filter the bulk of contaminants out of your water, because it is not equipped to do so. That is why an external pre-filtration system is so important. Many pre-filtration systems only address a select number of contaminants or are so effective that they strip the water of everything, including the alkaline minerals which are good for your body and necessary for ionization. However, we have found a couple of pre-filtration systems which remove the bulk of contaminants and chemicals like arsenic, lead, pharmaceutical drugs, chloramines, fluoride, and mercury while leaving alkaline minerals needed for ionization in the water: the Nano-Filtration System and C3 Pre-Filter from Chanson. We don't think that anyone should concentrate contaminates and drive them deeper into your cells which is what is being done by an ionzer if you are not using pre-filtration. Even models that say they have TWO filters are inadequate because the second filter is only a sediment filter to take out minor sand and gravel much like your faucets screen does.

Buy Now Ionizer Armor® & Energy Enhancer
Due to the buildup of alkaline minerals from ionization, you most likely will find calcium deposits on your water glasses after beginning to use a water ionizer in a hard water area (most of the USA). Unfortunately, this means that buildup is also being created on the plates inside of your machine, which can negatively effect the pH and ORP of your water and shorten the lifespan of the ionizer. A safe and easy way to guard against mineral buildup is to attach a water conditioner like Ionizer Armor® to your cold water line. This devise just snaps on and will reverse the polarity of the minerals, preventing buildup and softening the water. It is a lifetime product that will extend the life of your ionizer and is highly recommended for those who live in hard water areas.

Buy Now Accessory G2 Faucet
Most ionizer users hook their machines directly to their faucet, and switch back and fourth from tap water to ionized water. However some users find switching back and fourth to be a big inconvenience, and could benefit greatly from a G2 Faucet which allows you to run your tap and the ionizer at the same time separately.
So when you are ready to purchase a water ionizer, make sure that you are effectively filtering the water before it reaches the appliance with a pre-filtration system, guarding the machine with an ionizer armor type device (especially if you live in a hard water area subject to mineral buildup), and are aware of the added convenience an optional G2 Faucet might bring you and your family.

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Kangen Water® Business Opportunity

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The information herein is for educational purposes and is not meant to sway anyone to a particular brand. All brands mentioned here are great brands, with great products that produce great life giving alkaline ionized water. Here is a link to one comparison chart that we have created about features of the Enagic SD 501 Leveluk water ionizer and two other ionizers. We plan to add more comparisons to other brands in the future.

Oh, one caution, we have read marketing materials by independent reps that say they have seen other brands cause cancer, or kidney stones or blah, blah, blah. In all of our extensive research, we have never found this to be anything more that a scare tactic to steer your to their particular brand.

Kangen Water® is a registered trademark of Enagic Co., Ltd. and Chanson Water® is the registered trademark of Chanson Water USA Inc.